“A sassy, sweet, and gently provocative love story.”

“Between the likable characters and realistic ending, this fun study on meeting the right person at the right time is sure to please.”

Welcome to the Frisky Bean
Coffee to Wake you Up
Pastries to Turn you On

Listen… My daily goddess card tried to warn me that a big change was coming. She did. But… I was still not prepared for the impact that he would have on my life. That day when we met, I quite literally fell into him.

It was mortifying. It was exhilarating.
It was totally unprofessional. It was hot.

While our actions and bodies were most definitely aligned, our intentions were not. How so, you ask?

Well, I was blissfully busy pursuing my goals for my new café, The Frisky Bean. I did not ask, nor have the time, to deal with complications. And, since I felt as though we were both falling hard, all seemed well-blended.

That right there was mistake number one through five thousand, because he has no understanding of love and my goddess cards have some explaining to do.

Here’s what I know… Sometimes even the best recipes flop while a recipe riddled with mistakes can yield unexpected perfection. What were we?

A freaking delight. Stop asking me and read our story.

Don’t forget your oven mitts because one thing we were very good at is bringing the heat.

CW: Discussed childhood loss of a parent to cancer. Parental neglect.

“An often lively space romp with touches of comedy and kink.”

“For all the novel’s brisk storytelling, sharp dialogue, and spirited comedy, Claiming Jill never loses sight of the hard choices Jill faces, or their emotional toll.”

She will never belong to anyone ever again.

Jill was raised in a militia but found the strength to break away. She hadn’t expected that break would lead her to a life filled with supernatural friends and space battles, but she was tough and could handle anything thrown her way. Even the sexy alien she kept butting heads with.
He wanted someone to belong to.

Nial met his match when he tackled the tough-as-nails human woman wielding a gun. He was a warrior protector who wanted to connect with someone who could match his rough ways. Jill surpassed anything he’d imagined. And she wanted nothing to do with him.
Will their sparks lead to love or war?

When Jill’s father takes his alien hatred too far back on Earth, the two are thrust together as Jill is sent back to take him down. Between the one bed, the tension, and the escalating danger, they’ll be lucky to make it out alive from their arguments let alone their mission.

Warning: Surprise POV cameos by some beloved characters along with some new ones, characters gone wild, and more pizza.

Content Warnings: Discussed childhood trauma due to being raised in a cult/militia. Discussed, though not in detail, the loss of a parent. Parricide. Light sadomasochism. Virgin heroine. Food and chewing. Knife injury. Prisoner torture aftermath/no torture on the page. Bareknuckle brawling. Light dominant/submissive relationship.

Mars’ quirky cross-genre debut is a Romeo-and-Juliet tale with a vampire and an alien who meet when humans rebel against the extraterrestrials on Earth. ... A delightful story that shows supernatural beings can be romantic—and also very funny.

Dear Reader,

What’s a geeky, hacker, vampire-in-hiding girl supposed to do when her mind says, “NO,” but her body says, “YES?” Perhaps she needs to listen to her heart as the tie breaker. Easier said than done for this jaded blood sucker. I don’t think I can trust it where the alien leader is concerned… I think my body may have bribed it while my head wasn’t paying attention.

After all, I’m the leader of the resistance movement to relocation and he is the leader of the aliens wanting to relocate us. It doesn’t make any sense. Now to learn to keep my fangs to myself. Or not. Time will tell…

Hugs and bites,