One hundred perfect words. A thousand heartfelt emotions.

For Mother’s Day and all year-round, we at the Romance Café are shouting about this collection of perfect, bite-sized celebrations of moms, mums, mas, mothers and other caring figures in your life.

These 100 word stories celebrate the many different ways that carers show their love, from the everyday acts of kindness to the sacrifices they make for their children.

Warning: may cause a sniffle or three.



Gabbi Powell
Gabbi Black
Trinity Wood
Kaje Harper
Tami Winbush
L Mad Hildebrandt
Hannah McKee
Lisa Gwizdala-Cody
Alexa Santi
Cara North
Sonja Flowers
Michelle Mars
Tori Fields
Rhianon Ruby
Elaine Reed
Danika Bloom
A. Boss
Niki Brazen
DL Gallie
Mila Chase
Debra Deasey
Susan Horsnell USAT Bestselling Author
Jeanna Louise Skinner
Cecelia Conway
Suki McMinn
Annee Jones
Gabbi Grey
J.E. Feldman
Kathleen Ryder
Sarah Stein
Angela Kady
Heather Osborne
Harper Michaels
Sofia Aves
Bonnie Poirier
Ryleigh Sloan
Niki Trento
Yolanda Olson
Sera Taíno
Kat Long
Katherine Moore
Melissa Kendall
LoLo Paige
Aurelia Foxx
Vanesa L. Perillo
G.R. LeBlanc
Jade Glas
Brianna Malotke
Tori Fields

A little blood between friends.

Phlebotomist Alexis Cavill has wanted to jump her best friend since he died. Well… Not died died, just became undead. When you nearly lose the person closest to you, it puts some things into perspective. At least it did for her. Buying the perfect dress was only the beginning of her grand plan to take a chance.

Putting it all on the line.

Firefighter Sean Butler liked to live on the edge. He didn’t realize that edge would include becoming a vampire. Since then, he’d tried to tell his best friend how he felt about her, but never found the right moment. He was done waiting. He hoped she felt the same way too.

Will they spark or flame out?

A shift in their relationship was scary, but not as scary as the new local arsonist keeping firefighters, including Sean, working overtime to put out the flames. Meanwhile, the ones between them keep growing.

Warning: Dressing room disaster, public indecency, and a deep appreciation for coffee.

Content Warning: Near-death experience, injuries from an attack, fire, smoke inhalation, and eating.

Welcome to the Frisky Bean
Coffee to Wake You Up
Pastries to Turn You On

Frisky Rivalry:

I met Sean when we were only kids and since then we’ve competed for almost everything from class president to crushes. When we run into each other, both waiting for our blind dates, at my favorite café, things don’t go as planned. For one, why am I still attracted to him? For two, no really, why am I still wanting him? Anyone?

Frisky Arrangement:

When I walked into Desjardins’ Garden, ready to place an order for my next influencer event, I was expecting to choose a floral design. I was not expecting the owner, Alex, to take my breath away. But, would they like what I have to offer? Could they be my perfect sub?

Frisky Engagement:

All I wanted to do was propose to the love of my life, Camila. When my perfect plans begin to unravel, so do I. With Purim around the corner, will I be able to overcome all the things that go wrong? And, will my gorgeous girl agree to be mine?

To find out what shenanigans these couples get into, grab a snack, a fan, and perhaps a quiet moment to yourself.

CWs: Elements of BDSM and eating.

“A sassy, sweet, and gently provocative love story.”

“Between the likable characters and realistic ending, this fun study on meeting the right person at the right time is sure to please.”

Welcome to the Frisky Bean
Coffee to Wake you Up
Pastries to Turn you On

Listen… My daily goddess card tried to warn me that a big change was coming. She did. But… I was still not prepared for the impact that he would have on my life. That day when we met, I quite literally fell into him.

It was mortifying. It was exhilarating.
It was totally unprofessional. It was hot.

While our actions and bodies were most definitely aligned, our intentions were not. How so, you ask?

Well, I was blissfully busy pursuing my goals for my new café, The Frisky Bean. I did not ask, nor have the time, to deal with complications. And, since I felt as though we were both falling hard, all seemed well-blended.

That right there was mistake number one through five thousand, because he has no understanding of love and my goddess cards have some explaining to do.

Here’s what I know… Sometimes even the best recipes flop while a recipe riddled with mistakes can yield unexpected perfection. What were we?

A freaking delight. Stop asking me and read our story.

Don’t forget your oven mitts because one thing we were very good at is bringing the heat.

CW: Discussed childhood loss of a parent to cancer. Parental neglect.

Mars’ quirky cross-genre debut is a Romeo-and-Juliet tale with a vampire and an alien who meet when humans rebel against the extraterrestrials on Earth. ... A delightful story that shows supernatural beings can be romantic—and also very funny.

Dear Reader,

What’s a geeky, hacker, vampire-in-hiding girl supposed to do when her mind says, “NO,” but her body says, “YES?” Perhaps she needs to listen to her heart as the tie breaker. Easier said than done for this jaded blood sucker. I don’t think I can trust it where the alien leader is concerned… I think my body may have bribed it while my head wasn’t paying attention.

After all, I’m the leader of the resistance movement to relocation and he is the leader of the aliens wanting to relocate us. It doesn’t make any sense. Now to learn to keep my fangs to myself. Or not. Time will tell…

Hugs and bites,