CHASING Rory, Book 2 of the Love Wars Series

She’s a stowaway, secret shape-shifting panther, knife-throwing, weapons expert and he’s the over-protective, asshole, ehem, softy alien commander with a cat addiction.

She’s not supposed to be on his ship, but now that she is, it’s time to blow the mile high club out of the water. When all hell breaks loose, the question remains… who’ll end up on top and can they survive long enough to enjoy it?

Frisky Intentions, Book 1 of the Frisky Bean Series

Join us at The Frisky Bean.

Coffee to wake you up, Pastries to turn you on.

Summer Palmer, a playful, bohemian klutz and co-owner of the risqué café known as, The Frisky Bean, quite literally fell into her first-time customer, Jason Winter, a driven-to-succeed, agent-to-the-stars.

Somewhere between ordering the bondage banana bread and their first date, their mutual lust and like came hard and fast, and soon after, so did they.

Can Summer’s warmth open Jason to the idea of love or will his cool climb to the top freeze her out? When his work comes before her at a critical time, it looks like Winter really is coming, and Summer’s fallen heart may never thaw again.