Welcome to the Frisky Bean
Coffee to Wake You Up
Pastries to Turn You On

Frisky Rivalry:

I met Sean when we were only kids and since then we’ve competed for almost everything from class president to crushes. When we run into each other, both waiting for our blind dates, at my favorite café, things don’t go as planned. For one, why am I still attracted to him? For two, no really, why am I still wanting him? Anyone?

Frisky Arrangement:

When I walked into Desjardins’ Garden, ready to place an order for my next influencer event, I was expecting to choose a floral design. I was not expecting the owner, Alex, to take my breath away. But, would they like what I have to offer? Could they be my perfect sub?

Frisky Engagement:

All I wanted to do was propose to the love of my life, Camila. When my perfect plans begin to unravel, so do I. With Purim around the corner, will I be able to overcome all the things that go wrong? And, will my gorgeous girl agree to be mine?

To find out what shenanigans these couples get into, grab a snack, a fan, and perhaps a quiet moment to yourself.

CWs: Elements of BDSM and eating.