A Frisky Bean Prequel Short Story. Should be read BEFORE Frisky Intentions.

She was being a good friend.

Shira Abramson wanted to grab a coffee with her BFF, Keren, but when Keren couldn’t make it, she agreed to fill that time slot with someone from the dating app her friend helped to develop. She was game. A dating blogger dates, so why not?

He was being a good CEO.

Aaron Sanders was proud of his team for the job they did on Immedia-Date. Still, what kind of startup CEO doesn’t test their product themselves? A simple plan turned into the date of his life.

Being together might just be their Hanukkah miracle.

Neither come clean about their occupations for #reasons, but eight dates leave them falling hard. Will the truth destroy what they feel, or will their light burn longer than they could have ever predicted?

This story was previously published in the anthology, Eight Kisses.

A Love Wars Prequel Holiday Novella.

Her world is in chaos.

Irina Rivkin loves baking, family, bear-shifting, and Jewish holidays but this Rosh Hashanah might be her last on Earth. Aliens have arrived. They claim that they are here to save humans from a “dying” Earth by relocating everyone to a new planet. They had pamphlets and everything. Irina is busy writing Irina’s Bear-y Good Jewish Recipes Cookbook, her first, and running her bakery. She doesn’t have time to worry about things she can’t change.

She comes in peace.

Kesh is a Staraban warrior and a communications and cultural expert for the Alien Relocation Cooperative. After quelling most of the surprising early resistance to relocation, Kesh now enjoys exploring everything the creative species known as human has to offer. What she was not prepared for was Irina. The first day she saw the baker, she fell for her—hard.

Are they a sweet recipe in time for a new year?

After months of pining for each other, Kesh and Irina take a leap to be together. Will Irina be relocated while Kesh stays on Earth? Will Kesh survive a Rosh Hashanah celebration amongst Irina’s bear-shifting family? Let the honey and apples take you on a sweet (hot) ride.

Warning: Lots of food so bring snacks or meals to this reading. Also, some light BDSM.

CW: Explicit Sexual Content, For Mature Audiences Only

“Effervescent characters populate this clever, whimsical space tale. “

She is fiercely independent.

Aurora (Rory) Espinoza is ready to pounce on any adventure, fight, or sexy times. With her handy throwing knives, her engineering and munitions expertise, and her secret shifting ability she has never met a situation she couldn’t get out of. Therefore, stowing away on a ship headed into space was right up her alley. During her trek through the stars, who knew that keeping her secrets, her hands, and her heart to herself would prove the hardest part of her mission?

He is fiercely protective.

Bren is a Staraban warrior, the second-in-command of the Alien Relocation Cooperative, and the commander of the ship appointed to carry a prisoner as well as dangerous information to the All Alien Alliance. He’d developed two addictions while on Earth. His love of the Earth creatures known as cats and his desire for a certain human he instinctively wants to protect. Unfortunately, everything he does pisses her off, but when he discovers her stowed away on his ship, he might just throttle her himself.

Destiny or disaster?

Their tempers and passions blaze across the stars on this space road trip. When faced with danger, betrayal, and political games, only three questions remain…

Who will end up on top?

Can they survive long enough to enjoy it?

And… Will they forge a loving partnership that survives it all?

Mars’ quirky cross-genre debut is a Romeo-and-Juliet tale with a vampire and an alien who meet when humans rebel against the extraterrestrials on Earth. ... A delightful story that shows supernatural beings can be romantic—and also very funny.

Dear Reader,

What’s a geeky, hacker, vampire-in-hiding girl supposed to do when her mind says, “NO,” but her body says, “YES?” Perhaps she needs to listen to her heart as the tie breaker. Easier said than done for this jaded blood sucker. I don’t think I can trust it where the alien leader is concerned… I think my body may have bribed it while my head wasn’t paying attention.

After all, I’m the leader of the resistance movement to relocation and he is the leader of the aliens wanting to relocate us. It doesn’t make any sense. Now to learn to keep my fangs to myself. Or not. Time will tell…

Hugs and bites,