Embracing Irina

A Love Wars Prequel Holiday Novella.

Her world is in chaos.

Irina Rivkin loves baking, family, bear-shifting, and Jewish holidays but this Rosh Hashanah might be her last on Earth. Aliens have arrived. They claim that they are here to save humans from a “dying” Earth by relocating everyone to a new planet. They had pamphlets and everything. Irina is busy writing Irina’s Bear-y Good Jewish Recipes Cookbook, her first, and running her bakery. She doesn’t have time to worry about things she can’t change.

She comes in peace.

Kesh is a Staraban warrior and a communications and cultural expert for the Alien Relocation Cooperative. After quelling most of the surprising early resistance to relocation, Kesh now enjoys exploring everything the creative species known as human has to offer. What she was not prepared for was Irina. The first day she saw the baker, she fell for her—hard.

Are they a sweet recipe in time for a new year?

After months of pining for each other, Kesh and Irina take a leap to be together. Will Irina be relocated while Kesh stays on Earth? Will Kesh survive a Rosh Hashanah celebration amongst Irina’s bear-shifting family? Let the honey and apples take you on a sweet (hot) ride.

Warning: Lots of food so bring snacks or meals to this reading. Also, some light BDSM.

CW: Explicit Sexual Content, For Mature Audiences Only

Embracing Irina Audiobook

A Steamy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Shifter, Holiday, Romantic Comedy, Prequel, Novella (Love Wars)


You can still get the original series covers as signed paperbacks directly from me! This style will be continued for the series as signed copies.